justin dowdy pitching

Private Pitching Lesson

We offer individual pitching lessons or two players at the same time. Lessons will involve the complete process. Pitchers will start with a 5 minute fan bike warm up and band routine before all lessons. At Stitches the focus is to teach young ball players the process to becoming a pitcher. Its not about correcting the problems from last tournament or a tune up for the upcoming tournament. The process creates the results. Create a consistent process and you will have consistent results.

Minor League Hitting Coach

Private Hitting Lessons

Joe Thurston is back full time with Stitches. He will be doing hitting, fielding and Stitches will run Joe Thurston hitting/ fielding clinics once a month. All lessons are a minimum of 1 hour.

pitching tunnel view

Pitching Tunnel

Stiches has the only Professional Pitching Tunnel in the Modesto area. The pitching tunnel helps pitchers understand how to carry the strike zone with all their pitches. The Main purpose is to teach pitchers "tunnel vision". It allows pitchers of all ages to throw bullpens without needing a catcher, clean up deliveries, learn how to focus on a specific target, not worry about wild pitches, build up pitch counts, work on locating your pitches, ect. The Pitching Tunnel is set up in front of our custom made pitchers mound that is 6ft wide, 10ft long with turf that allows you to really stick you're landing foot without worrying about slipping. The mound is very durable and doesn't move when you're throwing. Specifically built for pitchers comfort.

The daily grind

Baseball is a grind. Knowing this first hand I wanted to create a place that actually allows ball players to stay healthy and strong through their season. We will also put together offseason training programs to help prepare you for your upcoming season.